Annalis Clint - Sr. Content Marketing Manager | Digital Media Maven | Copywriter | Community Engagement Specialist | Community Manager | Director of Social

Hey there! I’m a proactive, smart, and enthusiastic team player with over 12 years of experience wearing many hats in the world of copywriting, content strategy, corporate communications, community management, brand storytelling, SEO, psychology, user research, and more.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fortunate 500’s like Google, Disney, BBC, Fox Studios, as well as some cool tech unicorns including Eventbrite, Handshake, and airSlate. I love breathing life into projects while ensuring flawless and functional execution.

I love connecting with creative, product, and technical teams on their own terms, resulting in projects that are not just beautiful and functional but are also completed ahead of schedule. I’ve got a knack for finding storytelling opportunities in the most unexpected places, creating immersive, emotional moments for brands and products.

Whether working on commercial or personal projects, the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best brands of our time–Disney, BBC, Nike and others– has allowed me to define an aesthetic and voice that’s all my own.

Whether it’s brief, persuasive language or a full-blown novel, the written word is my specialty. From blog posts and bylines to free reports, webinars, case studies, and in-app content— you name it, I’ve done it.  I even collaborate with corporate communications to craft narratives for executive online media presence.

I’m all about translating company objectives into powerful editorial, content, SEO, and social strategies. I oversee the entire content planning and production process, from development and project management to working with writers and creative agencies. All while keeping a close eye on key metrics to optimize performance.

I’m not just a dreamer; I’m a strategic thinker who can manifest high-level visions. Whether it’s identifying opportunities, brainstorming innovative solutions, drafting creative briefs, or getting open-minded feedback—I’m all in. And yes, I’m super passionate about optimizing and automating systems to squeeze out every bit of productivity.

Let’s talk influencer marketing and partnership management—I’ve got a proven track record of building brands through those. I’m not just rubbing shoulders with celebrities and influencers. I develop relationships that seed products and drive visible brand adoption.

In the world of film production, I’ve got a solid 5+ years under my belt, working with big names like Fox and Disney. I’m no stranger to handling vendors, obtaining permits, casting, story consulting, and negotiating contracts. And did I mention I thrive in a fast-paced environment and deliver quality work under aggressive deadlines?

I’m a certified public speaker with on-camera interviewing skills. I stay calm under pressure and have a knack for live events. Let me know if you are interested in booking me for your podcast, conference, or corporate workshop.

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